Wednesday dinners are for PASTA

CURRENT - $20 Fresh Pasta every Wednesday from 5pm

5/17/20242 min read

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pasta ordain bistro dinner wednesday night restaurant
pasta wednesday ordain bistro restaurant dinner fresh
pasta wednesday ordain bistro restaurant dinner fresh

### Welcome to Pasta Night at Ordain Bistro!

Hey there, foodies and pasta enthusiasts! 🍝 I’m thrilled to spill the beans about something spectacular cooking up at Ordain Bistro – our brand new event, Pasta Night! Every Wednesday from 5 PM onwards, our cozy bistro becomes a haven for pasta lovers.

Why settle for the usual when you can have something extraordinary each week? At Ordain Bistro, we’re all about the freshness. That’s why our pasta is made fresh weekly, ensuring that every bite is not just a meal, but a delightful dining experience. Every Wednesday, we feature a different handcrafted pasta paired with a unique sauce that’s guaranteed to excite your taste buds.

For just $20 a plate, you get to immerse yourself in a world of creamy, tangy, and savory sauces draped over the our house pasta. Want to elevate your dish? We offer the option to add some fabulous local ingredients. Picture this: Flinders mussels adding a sweet oceanic touch to a garlicky white wine sauce or thin slices of Prosciutto di Parma bringing a salty crisp to a rich carbonara.

While our regular menu takes a brief pause on Wednesdays, the spotlight is all on our weekly pasta specials. It’s an opportunity for both of us to shake things up – get adventurous with the combinations, or keep it traditional; the choice is yours.

And what’s a pasta dish without the perfect wine? 🍷 To complement your plate, we’ve selected wines that pair wonderfully with our pasta offerings. Whether you fancy a light and zesty white or a deep and hearty red, our wine specials are sure to enhance your dining experience.

So why not shake up your midweek routine with our Pasta Night? It’s the ideal way to indulge yourself and those you care about in an evening full of great food, great wine, and great atmosphere. Let’s make every Wednesday a flavorful journey at Ordain Bistro. We’re eager to serve you a slice of pasta heaven!

📍 Join us at Ordain Bistro, where the pasta is fresh, and the ambiance is inviting. Remember, every Wednesday night is Pasta Night! Bring your appetite and your pals. We’re looking forward to making your midweek special.

Dylan, Pasta Enthusiast and Friend from Ordain Bistro